Paxton… Meeting the regulations and requirements of industry

• Paxton products have in-built durability, manufactured from polyethylene and incorporating light stabilisers to resist polymer breakdown and reduce colour fade caused by exposure to

U/V light.

• The Paxton Materials Handling Range is also available in material grades that meet EU Commission Directive 90/128/EEC and US FDA requirements for use in food contact situations.

• The materials used are operational within a wide temperature

range from –30°C to +60°C

• All Paxton products have sealed surfaces that are both water resistant and have low vapour permeability properties. Easy to clean and hygienic in use, Paxton Materials Handling products excel in food production applications.

• Outstanding resistance to both physical and chemical attack makes Paxton products an ideal choice for many industrial applications.

• And at the end of their useful life, Paxton Materials Handling Products are completely recyclable. Because all products are marked and traceable, Paxton commits to accepting these products back and converting them into raw materials for further use… so closing the recycling loop.