Paxton’s Materials Handling Products

Paxton Materials Handling, a division of Leafield Environmental are proud to manufacture and design specialist material handling products including ingredients tubs, ingredients dispensers, trucks, dollies, tank bins and pallets using the latest rotational moulded technology.

Paxton’s material handling products are well-known within the food and drink processing industry for its value-for-money and durability. The products have been designed with hygiene in mind as all the products feature smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces and a natural colour is recommended for food use. All Paxton materials handling products are manufactured from non-coloured polyethylene to meet the most stringent requirements and comes with a Declaration of Compliance (DoC), supported by in-depth migration testing.

The ingredients tub range offers modular containers suitable for wet or dry ingredients ranging from 18-68-litre capacities. Available as an inter-stacking tub on to the lid or rim that is rigid and durable. A tapered nested tub is also available with or without handles.

The ingredients dispensers ensure rotation of ingredients to avoid spillage and prevent contamination. The range features an adjustable flow rate for different feed grades along with a secure lid to keep moisture out. Available in three different sizes ranging from 21-90-litre capacities.

Other ranges include trucks, tank bins and dollies. The MT Mobile Truck range features a tapered and nested design to save space when not in use.  Available in four different sizes ranging from 100-332-litre capacities. The largest highest capacity truck can hold 400-litres of material. The nestable tank bins for wet and dry ingredients, materials or components are easy-to-clean containers that are light-weight yet durable. Available in two different styles with capacities of 100-400-litres. The dollies have been designed for moving trays, bins, boxes and tubs in the production environments. Available in nine different sizes.

The wide range of pallets on offer are available as a smooth deck pallet design (P1P), hygienic pallet with intermittent outer retaining rim/lip for extra load stability (P2P) and hygienic eurosize pallet design (P3P). All featuring 9 leg, 4-way entry for lift trucks, smooth easy-to-clean surfaces that will not absorb moisture or harbour bacteria. There is a bespoke pallet (HRT) that has been designed for the secure storage and handling of HR Stacking Tubs.

The large double skin pallet boxes are extremely durable that can hold up to 600-litres of granules, powder and liquid food ingredients.

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